Getting to know the appliances in your kitchen

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Getting to know the appliances in your kitchen

Walk into any specialist kitchen and you are prone to see a similar collection of tools that they use to arrange their five-star offerings. While not everyone is able to work as a professional chef, you can perfect your own techniques for more professional results. Employing good kitchen tools tends to make this easier, cuts preparation time while cooking food, and can give you better overall results. Below you will find some of the most popular professional kitchen tools, along with an description of what they offer to a professional or ambitious chef.

Cheap food mixersFood Processor
This can be a common kitchen tool, found in both home and professional kitchens. It is because this kitchen tool is truly the jack-of-all-trades in relation to kitchen tasks. Professional chefs use their food processors for much more than chopping and grating. A good food processor can be employed in place of a blender to puree creamed soups, as an example. Food processors are also amazing at mixing ingredients. No professional kitchen could be without this versatile tool. For chef quality cooking, make use of this tool to its fullest potential.

Stand Mixer
After the food processor, the stand mixer is just about the common kitchen tool used by professional chefs. For kitchens that frequently offer desserts or any kind of baked goods, this is an crucial kitchen tool. In fact, many chefs have several stand mixers so that they can execute various tasks at the same time. Large commercial stand mixers are normal in professional kitchens, but smaller models may also be used and function very well. Buy the best stand mixer that one could afford. Stand mixers are perfect for baking, mixing bread, whipping ingredients such as mashed potatoes, and whipping egg whites or cream. Be sure that you know how your mixer works and follow correct operating procedure. For example, thick mixtures, such as bread dough, ought to be mixed at low speeds.

Kitchen Shears
This extremely simple tool is present in most kitchens, as it comes included in many knife sets. However, home cooks often neglect this valuable kitchen helper. Kitchen shears are ideal for mincing or chopping herbs, as well as cutting meat, removing skin from chicken and a lot of other tasks. While a home cook is more likely to select a knife for these tasks, chefs often favor the shears, as they are more quickly and more efficient.

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