Kitchen appliances and equipment you will need

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen appliances and equipment you will need

A lot of us envy friends or relatives who understand how to bake delicious cakes and pastries. We often said to ourselves “I wish I could bake that cake too, my family and kids will certainly love it”.

However, if you have never baked a cake in your life, then chances are you will ignore this thought quickly as you may think that baking is problematic and cumbersome. You possibly will not know how to bake an easy cake, or worst still, don’t know how to get started at all. What are the basic equipment and accessories that you need to invest before you start your baking experience?

Kitchen AppliancesBelow is a list of baking equipment and accessories you’ll want to invest if you are really thinking about learning how to bake.

1. Conventional oven: This is the most significant and costly piece of equipment that you will want to invest before commencing to learning how to bake. This equipment uses direct heat for cooking and baking. It is completely different from a microwave oven which uses microwave radiation to warm up food.

2. Kitchen mixer: This appliance is used for mixing, beating or to whip baking ingredients including flour, eggs, sugar and butter. It’s available in two major category – hand mixers or stand mixers. This absolutely should not be confused with a blender which uses sharpened blades at higher speeds to chop and liquefy materials.

3. Kitchen weighing scale: This weighing device is useful to weigh out the right amount of baking ingredients depending on your recipes. It comes in two differing types – digital and non-digital (analog) weighing scales.

4. Baking measuring cups: The majority of baking recipes use cup measurement to imply the amount of dry ingredients needed. Do not mistaken this cup measurement as the normal sized cup you used for coffee. Measurement cups are different from cups used for containing beverages. They can be bought easily from most baking supplies stores.

5. Baking pan: This comes in various sizes and shape to hold various sizes of batter. The type of baking pan you have to buy will depend on the sort of cake that you are baking per your recipes. Share with the staff in the baking supplies store what cake you are baking and they’ll be able to help you on the correct type of baking pan you may need.

You’ll likely need to invest about £300- £500 to purchase the above basic baking equipment and accessories. This small investment is worthwhile if you wish to obtain the skill of baking. You will experience the joy of baking when you make your initial cake successfully.

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