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Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom
(click images to enlarge) Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom

Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom

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When looking for purchase a high quality juicer, then you must consider looking at what Hurom has to offer.

We are delighted to offer the brilliant Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome by Hurom, which is one of the well received juicers.

With so many various juicers available these days, it is great to have a make you can recognize. The Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome is certainly a great choice and will be an excellent buy.

At this reduced price, there isn't a better time than now to splash out on the Hurom Juicer HU-100 ULTEM Chrome. It is a great quality item by Hurom who have included some excellent touches which make it one of the most popular juicers.

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Hurom have reinvented the single auger juicer by turning it on its end and giving it a juicing screen with a much larger surface area. By doing this they have enabled gravity to push the juice through much quicker than with a conventional masticating juicer, resulting in a slow speed juicer capable of producing juice as quick as a centrifugal juicer. This is the latest model with super-tough auger and juicing screen made from GE-Ultem material which is 8 times stronger than before. The Hurom slow juicer has a small footprint like a high speed juicer so takes up less space on the worktop, it's as quiet as any other slow speed juicer, has the slowest RPM of all juicers and yet still has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The Hurom Juicer has a silicone brush that constantly passes over the juicing screen cleaning any excess pulp that builds up, this ensures that the minimum of blocking problems occur during the juicing process. Water can be fed through the machine to clean it in between juices. A silicone seal is fitted to the pulp outlet to squeeze more juice from the fibre resulting in a drier pulp and higher yield of juice. Unlike other juicers it is even great at juicing fruits and can even juice cherries with the pips. This juice extractor can juice fruit, vegetables and wheatgrass as quick as you can drop the produce in. Whilst it does not feature a whole fruit feed chamber, it does have a larger feed chute than other slow speed juicers which allows for larger pieces to be fed in. The auger is much wider on the Hurom juice extractor and the outer edge cuts the produce and draws it in to be ground on the larger surface area. There are also certain mechanical advantages to producing a juicer with the juicing parts at the top of the machine as it reduces stress on the motor caused by the parts. The Hurom slow juicer has an excellent build quality which has been constructed for heavy duty juicing and finished in an attractive chrome with black trim.
Single Auger Slow Speed Juicer Virtually Silent Parts Made From Super Tough GE Ultem Juices as Fast as a Centrifugal Juicer 10 Year Motor Warranty / 5 Years Parts Warranty