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KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer from KitchenAid
(click images to enlarge) KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer from KitchenAid

KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer from KitchenAid

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When it comes to a high quality food processor, then you really should consider taking a look at what KitchenAid has available today.

We are proud to present the fantastic KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer by KitchenAid, which is one of the well received food processors.

With so many various food processors available these days, it is great to have a brand you can recognize. The KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer is certainly that and will be a superb purchase.

At this discounted price, there has never a better time than now to buy the KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer. It is a exceptional quality item by KitchenAid who have provided some great touches that make it one of the most popular food processors.

Finding a great food processor shouldn't be hard now that you have seen the above info about the KitchenAid KN1PS Pouring Shield for KitchenAid Mixer by KitchenAid.

The KitchenAid pouring shield for use with the KitchenAid mixer is a one piece accessory that makes it easy to add ingredients with its pouring spout whilst mixing It helps prevent splashing and as it is made of transparent Lexan you can have a full view of the ingredients in the bowl The pouring shield is not dishwasher safe.
Backed by technical support from K A Parts Limited. Genuine KitchenAid part. Allows easy pouring of ingredients Will fit: KSM150PSPE0 (Pear) 4KSM150PSWH0 4KSM150PSBU0 4KSM150PSGR0 4KSM150PSOB0 4KSM150PSGN0 4KSM150PSAC0 4KSM150PSLV0 4KSM150PSER0 4KSM150PSMY0 4KSM150PSPK0 4KSM150PSPT0 4KSM150PSTG0 4KSM150PSMC0 4KSM150PSBW0 5KPM50BWH4 5KPM50BGR4 5KPM5EWH4 5KPM5EER4 5KSM156PSECA4 (Candy) 5KSM156PSACA0 5KSM156PSBCA4 KSM500SM0 KSM500ER0 KSM500OB0 KSM500WH0 KSM500QWH0 KSM500QER0 KSM500QOB0 KSM500QSM0 KSM500QAC0 KSM500QBW0 KSM500QBF0 KSM500QGC0 5KSM150PSA 5KSM150PS 5KSM150PSAWH0 5KSM150PSABU0 5KSM150PSAGR0 5KSM150PSAOB0 5KSM150PSAAC0 5KSM150PSACR0 5KSM150PSANK0 5KSM150PSAIC0 5KSM150PSAER0 5KSM150PSAMY0 5KSM150PSAPK0 5KSM150PSAPT0 5KSM150PSACV0 5KSM150PSATG0 5KSM150PSAMC0 5KSM150PSABW0 5KSM150PSAGC0 5KSM150PSAGA0 5KSM150PSAPM0 5KSM150PSABY0 5KSM150PSAYP0 (Pepper) 5KSM150PSEWH4 5KSM150PSEBU4 5KSM150PSEGP4 5KSM150PSEGR4 5KSM150PSEOB4 5KSM150PSEAC4 5KSM150PSECR4 5KSM150PSENK4 5KSM150PSEIC4 5KSM150PSEER4 5KSM150PSEMY4 5KSM150PSEPK4 5KSM150PSEPT4 5KSM150PSECV4 5KSM150PSETG4 5KSM150PSEMC4 5KSM150PSEBW4 5KSM150PSEGC4 5KSM150PSEGA4 5KSM150PSEPM4 5KSM150PSEBY4 5KSM150PSEBR4 (Bronze) 5KSM150PSECH4 5KSM150PSEPE4 KSM150AGBCA0 KSM150AGBCS0 (Cocoa) 5KSM150PSBWH4 5KSM150PSBOB4 5KSM150PSBBU4 5KSM150PSBER4 5KSM150PSBAC4 5KSM150PSBGR4 5KSM150PSBLV4 (Lavendar) 5KSM150PSBMY4 5KSM150PSBTG4 5KSM150PSBNK4 5KSM150PSBIC4 5KSM150PSBMC4 5KSM150PSBCV4 5KSM150PSBGA4 5KSM150PSBPM4 5KSM150PSBBY4 5KSM150PSBPK4 5KSM150PSBPE4 KSM100PSWW0 (on) KSM100PSWH0 KSM100PSER0 KSM100PSOB0 KSM100PSMC0 5KSM156ECA4 (Apple-European) 5KSM156EEB4 (Electric Blue-European) 5KSM156EBZ4 (Storm-European) 5KSM156BCA4 (Apple-Britain) 5KSM156BEB4 (Blue-Britain) 5KSM156BBZ4 (Storm-Britain) KSM95WH0 KSM95ER0 KSM95GR0 KSM95OB0 KSM95BU0 KSM95GA0 KSM95PWH0 KSM95SM0 KSM95TG0 KSM95CU0 (Contour) KSM150AGBRI0 (Raspberry) KSM150AGBES0 (Espresso) KSM155GBCA0 KSM155GBEB0 KSM155GBSR0 KSM155GBQC0 (Antique Copper) KSM155GBRI0 Will fit: KN15E1XMR0 (Meringue) KN15E1XBW0 (Blue Willow) KN15E1XCM0 (Cinnamon) KN15E1XDJ0 (Dijon) KN15E1XHS0 (Honeysuckle) KN15E1XJB0 (Juniper Berry) KN15E1XLC0 (Licorice) KN15E1XLG0 (Lemon Grass) KN15E1XMJ0 (Mint Julip) KN15E1XOL0 (Olive) KN15E1XPP0 (Green Peppercorn) KN15E1XPS0 (Pink Satin) KN15E1XSB0 (Sorbet) KN15E1XSK0 (Sky) KN15E1XSP0 (Sugar Plum) KN15E1XTC0 (Terra Cotta) KN15E1XGA0 (Apple) 4KN15E1XHS0 4KN15E1XJB0 4KN15E1XLC0 4KN15E1XCM0 4KN15E1XMR0 4KN15E1XSL0 (Silver) 9KSM150PSWH0 (White) 9KSM150PSBU0 (Cobalt) 9KSM150PSER0 (Empire Red) 9KSM150PSGR0 (Imperial Grey) 9KSM150PSMC0 (Metallic Chrome) 9KSM150PSMY0 (Majestic Yellow) 9KSM150PSOB0 (Onyx Black) 9KSM150PSPK0 KSM150PSOB1 KSM150PSMY1 KSM150PSGR1 KSM150PSGN1 KSM150PSER1 KSM150PSBU1 KSM150PSAC1 (Almond Creme) 5KSM150PSSWH4 5KSM150PSSBU4 5KSM150PSSGR4 5KSM150PSSOB4 5KSM150PSSNK4 (Nickel) 5KSM150PSSER4 5KSM150PSSMY4 5KSM150PSSPM4 (Pearl) KSM500PSWH0 KSM500PSER0 KSM500PSOB0 KSM500PSSM0 KSM150PS 4KSM150PS KSM150PSWH0 KSM150PSCL0 (Crystal) KSM150PSBU0 KSM150PSGP0 (Grape) KSM150PSGR0 KSM150PSBK0 KSM150PSCB0 (Cranberry) KSM150PSOB0 KSM150PSGN0 KSM150PSAC0 KSM150PSGB0 (Glacier) KSM150PSIC0 (Ice) KSM150PSLV0 (Lavender) KSM150PSER0 KSM150PSMY0 KSM150PSLM0 KSM150PSPK0 KSM150PSPT0 (Pistachio) KSM150PSMG0 (Martha) KSM150PSCV0 (Caviar) KSM150PSSF0 (Sunflower) KSM150PSTG0 (Tangerine) KSM150PSMC0 KSM150PSCH0 (Chocolate) KSM150PSVN0 (Vanilla) KSM150PSWB0 (Wasabi) KSM150PSVT0 (Violet) KSM150PSBW0 KSM150PSGC0 (Gloss) KSM150PSMA0 (Mango) KSM150PSML0 (Meyer) KSM150PSOR0 (Spicy Orange) KSM150PSPL0 (Dark) KSM150PSRB0 (Reef) KSM150PSSU0 (Surf) KSM150PSCY0 (Bing Cherry) KSM150PSMN0 (Melon) KSM150PSGA0 KSM150PSCN0 (Citron) KSM150PSPN0 (Persimmon) KSM150PSCO0 (Cornflower) KSM150PSCT0 (Clementine) KSM150PSWG0 (Williams Sonoma) KSM150PSBF0 (Buttercup) KSM150PSSM0 KSM150PSCPK0 KSM150PSBL0 (Bayleaf) KSM150PSBY0 (Boysenberry) KSM150PSFB0 (French) KSM150PSGG0 KSM150PSSY0 (Sunshine) KSM150PSAQ0 (Aqua)